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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Beginning of a Blog-- My Very Own!

As a writer who has worked online for a few years, it may actually be a bit surprising that I am only starting a blog now. Let me explain... I did start several blogs before. I still keep my Tumblr account, actually. But I never saw the need to keep up with them. Even my Tumbr is not that updated, to say the least (which is why I am not linking it here, if you were wondering). Also-- and this may be the main reason, after all-- I am inherently lazy. Now though, as I strive to give my career a jump start, a blog is already a necessity. So, to whoever may be interested, that's why I'm here.

Now, how do we do this? How should a blog start, really? I have no idea. I ask you then, my dear friends, to bear with me.

Call me Gell, BTW (sorry for the late introduction). 23 years old. Occupation? Freelance writer. To most of you, we can leave it at that. But for some who aren't clear on what a "freelance writer" does, I'll elaborate. First, we write for a living. Huh, guess you could have guessed that. I basically write for clients who may have websites they need content for, or are part of a company who caters to clients who have websites they need content for, or who simply need content, in one way or another. What may these content be? Articles, product reviews, blogs. You name it. A lot of whatever content you come across online are, indeed, written by freelance writers.

Aside from that, I am also a fiction writer. I have a novel that was deemed good enough to be published, but well, I was just a ghostwriter on that one so... Although, I am now working on novel #2, which I am thinking strongly about self publishing. If that doesn't work, well I can try to get it to publishers, or just sell it and be a ghost writer again. We'll see.

So that's all about me. Now let's go to "all about this blog". I am starting (and will, I promise, maintain) this blog for two main reasons. First, it would help me. This would be in terms of getting more clients, marketing myself, having a place to post my work on, etc. Second, it would help others. How so? Well, I'm aiming to help those who, at this point, are thinking about breaking into the world of freelance writing. It gets confusing when you're in the first stages (I know, because I've been there), and hopefully I can shed some light on your dark tunnel. There are also some who, though they may have the potential to succeed online, are not yet aware of how the virtual world works. I will try to shed some light on your even darker tunnel as well.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert of any kind. All I can offer is my opinion, with your best interest at heart, my knowledge, based on my experience, and, more importantly, my willingness to help.

That's it for our first post, folks. I will not ask you nicely to follow my blog. I will not demand it of you.

If you want to be a writer (freelance or novelist, etc.) I, instead, DARE you.

If you are a prospective client, well, asking nicely would be best. So, pretty please?

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