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Friday, April 5, 2013

What Cleanskin Coffee Co. Has To Offer

Cleanskin Coffee Co. Is Unique

Cleanskin Coffee Co is a company that they blend and roast their coffee for the purpose of suiting their taste.  It was founded somewhere around December 2008 by Miriam and Mark Pearch.  They are visionaries, and to them the perfect cup of coffee does not exist because coffee processing is a long and fun journey that never ends. The coffee that they make reflects what they are, how they feel or where they are on the coffee journey.

Perhaps what makes Cleanskin Coffee Co. so unique is that it does not follow tradition and trends, although it does recognize them. With their head roaster Jason Joffe, Cleanskin Coffee Co. makes their coffee with great understanding and passion. They pay attention to and acknowledge the details of anything related to coffee. 

Notes on The Founders Of Cleanskin Coffee Co.

Miriam and Mark started getting into the coffee business when they were living in Papua New Guinea. They are experts when it comes to coffee as they have years of experience on harvesting, growing, processing and roasting the product on the plantation.

While they were returning to Brisbane somewhere around November in 2005, they thought of setting up a café and micro roaster in the suburbs of Teneriffe to let people experience the wonders of their coffee making. Right now their company has been on operation for 4 years as Cleanskin Coffee Co. and 3 years prior in Teneriffe.

Australia is one of the biggest coffee countries in our planet. It is obsessive in its quest for a unique and perfect cuppa. The different culture types in the country bring their own diversity into the coffee products of Aussies. New things are always taken into account when it comes to coffee making using different cultural styles. And Australians aren’t frightened in trying out something new; always looking for new mixtures, always looking for new brews to achieve that perfection in coffee making.

Mission And Vision

Cleanskin Coffee Co. wants to be able to continue their vision in importing premium quality coffee in Australia directly from their farms and plantations all over the globe. To them coffee is a journey of continuing experience of learning new flavors and trends. They hope that in the future they will evolve and grow, continuing to make high quality coffee and high quality service. Cleanskin Coffee Co. is all fired up on what the road of specialty in coffee promotes for the future.

Information About Cleanskin Coffee Co.

Their coffee beans come from different countries all over the planet, and they distribute their products directly from their café and roastery to be delivered to coffee stands, espresso bars and even delivered to certain houses in Australia’s East Coast.

They are clean and environmental friendly as they use biodegradable packaging from re-usable materials, thus reducing the number of trash on their work. With the use of the most effective methods of roasting, their product also produces lower levels of carbon emission. Cleanskin Coffee Co. shares to their customers how their coffee was made and education and training.

The green bean hunters, Jason Joffe and Mark Pearce are also the Head Roaster and Managing Director of their company. They can be found on South Pine Road Brenadale, Qld 4500. Contact them through their website, or call 07 3889 8449 by phone.

Product Review: Tootie And Dolly Organic Baby Wash Cloth White and Short Sleeve Onesie in Blue

I definitely did not make a mistake in buying these products from Tootie and Dolly. I was looking all over the internet for the best organic baby wash cloth and short sleeve onesie because I want to make sure that I stay away from any synthetic materials as babies tend to have sensitive skin. My little bub is currently just a wee 3months old so I have to make sure that no harsh ingredients get to him at all. I chanced upon this quaint website called Tootie and Dolly. I have been hearing some excellent feedback from them and decided to check out their products and how their service is.

First, I will talk about the organic baby washcloth that I got from this store. When the package arrived, I was nicely surprised at how neatly they have done their packaging. You can tell a lot from the store by how they send their items. I carefully unwrapped the items and carefully looked them over and I just wanted to wear them on my boy already! They smelled so clean and I guess being made from organic cotton, you can almost smell the fresh fields. The baby washcloth I got was in natural color. They also come in smokey black so for any mommas out there who enjoy that glam rock wardrobe, the black washcloth will be a nice addition. The price is only $7.00 which is really affordable for organic cloth already. Anyway, I have used this washcloth several times already and it still has not lost its form and feels wonderful using it during bath times and for those quick spills that babies make.

Another item I got from Tootie and Dolly was the short sleeve onesie in blue color for only $16.00. Any mommy out there knows that having several onesies for their baby is a must because they are so easy to put on and take off. This blue onesie I got certainly did not disappoint me at all. I am still in awe because the price is such a steal for premium organic cotton! I think my bub loves the feel of this on him as every time I wear it on him, he has the biggest smiles and I can tell he is really comfortable in it. The snap-on buttons at the bottom is made of durable materials and even after several spins in the wash, it still looks brand new.

I cannot give enough praises for buying from Tootie and Dolly. I will be their number one fan and I will make sure to check out all their items from time to time because all their products are so cute and quirky; all their baby items are so unique and I can’t get enough of them for my loves. I love that they also offer gift certificates and gift baskets. Mommies, if you have a friend who is due to give birth, I highly recommend Tootie and Dolly ( for all baby items that are organic, affordable, and definitely made with love.

Sourcing The Best Organic Skin Care Products For You--

Every day we are bombarded with news about chemicals being used in personal care products, food items, and even toys for children. Everyone know that these chemicals are not good for our bodies, in fact many of these are actually toxic but the government still finds it acceptable for companies to keep on using them. This lowers the cost of some products but is gravely detrimental to our health. This is where comes in. Having been around for over 35 years, you know that the company means serious business when it comes to finding products that are good for us.

Certified Chemical Warriors

Being a certified eco-warrior, the family-run Enviro Products World business makes sure that all products available in their store are as stringent when it comes to quality. They have actually sourced the world’s best organic and chemical-free products and brought it together in this site. People who are serious about buying quality items that have undergone rigorous testing and USDA-certification can find them all at  The family makes sure that the products available in the store are sourced directly from the makers themselves which saves a lot of money too because there are no middle-men to hike up prices. The toys available come from companies who also share the same vision as them; these are toys that are made using natural vegetable dyes and manufactured under strict American standards for the discerning taste of the American buyers.

Giving Back To The Community

Because this site was born out of a mother’s love for her daughter, a portion of all sales is donated to Students for the Awareness of Global Warming, a non-government group helping to raise awareness to students and the public about the horrors of global warming. So, not only are you able to buy your favourite products that are free from chemicals, you are also helping raise the awareness of Mother Earth’s condition. The environmentally-friendly products you will find available in the store are all made with love for our world and to the future of our generation.

The Myriad Of Choices Available And Support

Shopping for your favourite items will definitely be a wonderful experience that will keep you coming back over and over again to purchase from the site. There are hundreds of products that range from candies, supplements, toys, sun care, all the way to dog care that is sure to please you. If you can think of a product that is organic, you can be sure that already has it and ready to be shipped to you. For customer support and inquiries, they are available by email all day throughout the year so you can be sure that your needs and questions will get a response quickly.

The Advantages Of Wind Energy And Why This Information Is Important

Learning about the advantages of wind energy can only do positive things for you. This sustainable form of energy is so good to the environment that more research should actually be done about wind power so that we can all learn a thing or two about it. There are many reasons why we should all start using some form of sustainable of renewable energy and the advantages of wind energy should be at the top of that list. When we are all knowledgeable about this form of energy, we will all try to find ways to be kinder to Mother Earth. 

Definition Of Wind Energy

Understanding wind energy is pretty simple and you do not need to be a rocket scientist to get a feel of the system behind the conversion from one type of energy to another. Basically, wind energy is collected from the wind turbines or the big windmills and then it is converted into electrical energy. Then this electrical energy is transferred through electrical transmission systems. It then ends up in homes where it will be consumed by power-eating appliances. See, these turbines are such simple machines so that is already one of the advantages of wind energy.

Wind Energy Is So Kind To The Environment

There is not one form of energy as kinder to the environment as wind energy is. There is no carbon footprint at all in converting this type of energy as the turbines are just rotating because of the wind that is moving it. Not only that, the turbines or windmills as they are fondly called, do not take up much space in getting them stationed at the location. In fact, only a few square meters are needed to get one windmill up and running. Ever heard of greenhouse emissions? Well, wind power does not have and does not contribute to greenhouse emissions at all. People are also aware that the use of wind power tends to cost less over time, too. Operating without leaving a carbon footprint is definitely one of the biggest advantages of wind energy that people should know about.

History Of Wind Energy

Believe it or not but wind power has been used for centuries already. Ships and sailboats had to use wind power back in the day in order to get where they needed to go. Explorers only relied on wind power to guide their ships wherever it may lead to out in the ocean. Some historians say that as early as 7th century, man have been harnessing the powers of wind energy to work simple mechanisms such as grinding corn, pumping water, and grist milling. Back then, being able to focus on these machines was already enough advantages of wind energy that people did not bother thinking about converting it to electric power. But later on, the Chinese used the same wind power to pump sea water into land that was then used for salt-making.

Uses For Wind Energy Today

Today, power gathered from the wind is used mainly for electricity. A lot of countries especially in Eastern Europe and in some parts of Australia get a percentage of their electricity needs by means of wind energy. Aside from this, some sailboats still rely on wind power to get them moving in the waters and to set sail to discover and get from one place to another. In fact, there are some parts of coastal waters where it is actually prohibited to use any motor boat engine and to just rely on wind power because it may disrupt the surroundings like the fauna and flora of that particular area.
Biggest Benefits Of Using Wind Energy

People know that the biggest benefit to using wind energy is that it does not contribute any harsh elements to the environment. Imagine if the world could entirely run on wind power alone, the air would be in such a healthier state and respiratory problems would lessen by three-fold. This form of energy is definitely renewable and sustainable. Not only will our health be in better shape, but Mother Earth will be in a much better shape.

Downside Of Using Wind Energy

Just like the two sides of a coin, wind energy also has some drawbacks that might make some people and companies turn down this viable option to use as their main mode of electric power. Everyone knows that unless you live in a place already declared as forever windy or that you have a satellite machine that can track the movement of wind, then there is no definite way to tell whether you will be getting wind during a certain part of the day or not. Then, there is also the factor of noise. These wind turbines are awfully loud and if you live near one of these humongous wind mills, it is akin to the low humming sound of a plane. So, even if people knew all the advantages of wind energy but found out that it might disrupt their sleep or suddenly cut off power, then they will not think of using wind energy anymore.

Cost Of Wind Energy Systems

Another factor that might make a lot of companies and people turn down wind energy is that they are extremely expensive to set up. Unlike in the olden days, setting up wind power systems nowadays takes a lot of hard work and logistics. In order for these turbines to gather enough wind power, the blades of the wind mills have to be really huge. The land space required for these turbines may be small but the air space it takes is really a lot. Special trucks and cranes have to be used in order for these blades to be attached properly. With costs and the intricate procedures that are needed to set up one wind mill, it becomes really tiresome; that is why companies would rather use cheaper forms of energy such as fossil fuel and even nuclear power. This is really sad because if these companies can really understand the main advantages of wind energy, the world would be such a better place.

Future Of Wind Power

Many economists discourage the use of wind power because of the upfront costs, they fail to see the future savings a company can make by using wind energy instead. With a lot of non-government organizations in the United States and in several other countries around the world, word is out regarding wind power as a viable source of energy that people should know about and try to get their hands on. Fossil fuel reserves are depleting at a tremendous rate and it will not be a long time that we will have used it all up.  That is why many environmentalists want everyone to know that wind power is possible and it can greatly do wonders in turning around the horrid state of the state to a better tomorrow.

Things You Can Do To Spread The Word

If you want to help the planet and the future generations, you have to do your part in making sure that your local government unit and even the president of the country is well aware of the advantages of wind energy what each citizen has to do to make sure that this type of energy is shed light and become one option to use for your city’s energy requirements. You can do this by writing to your mayor, making reports about the dangers of other forms of energy, and informing them all about wind power and the goodness it will do to your area. You will not be noticed at first but stick to your plans and become an advocate to spread the word about wind energy.

Why Wind Power Is So Important

Even with all the different types of energy being utilized already, going back to the old ways is sometimes a good thing. Wind power has been around since man figured out how helpful and pleasant this can be to nature. Before fossil fuels and charcoal were even discovered as a fuel for energy requirements, people were already content utilizing wind power for their needs. Maybe it is high time to get back to basics so that we will leave the Earth in a better place than before. Our children and their children still deserve a safe place to live and grow up in; our generation has no right to ruin the wonder and power that the wind is giving us.

 Everyone should take a stand and share information about wind energy and why each and every one of us in the world must know about this powerful energy that has been gifted to us by Mother Nature. Hopefully it is not too late to stop the damage and abuse we have been doing to the planet and that we can all change for the better. It just takes one person who has a voice, to tell the whole world about this form of energy and to start a movement that will forever change the way we live our lives.

Solar Panels For Sale-- Why They Are Now A Necessity

With the rising costs of electricity, many people are now looking into solar panels for sale and seeing what these can do to their homes. Since the beginning of time, man has relied on the powers of the sun and what solar energy is to be able to do many tasks. In fact, without the sun in our solar system, humans would not even exist because every living creature in the world needs the sun to thrive and grow. Just like water, the sun is a very important part of daily living. People need the powers of it to do many things. The sun alone can power the world, so it is vital that people learn more about it and try to see why so many solar panels for sale are now available in the market.

Solar Panel History

Everyone knows that the sun is the only source where we get solar energy. But, before people could actually use the energy that is emitted from the sun, it took years before solar panels were developed. It was the year 1839 when a young man named A.E. Becquerel, who was at a tender age of 19 experimented with solar power in his father’s laboratory. History suggests that this was the first time a photovoltaic cell was developed. Photovoltaic cells are instruments that gather the heat from the sun and convert this into electricity or simple power. But, it was the year 1883 that the first prototype photovoltaic cells were actually produced by Charles Fritts. Development of solar cells was still slow at the time because gold was used to coat the semiconductor. During those years, gold was really out of reach to people as it was really expensive. Solar panels for sale have really changed since then. It’s quite surprising that the technology we thought was new has actually been around for centuries.

Definition Of Solar Panels

The background of solar panels tends to be rather technical but it would be nice to know about it because many economists say that the energy from the sun is one of the best renewable resources aside from wind power and geothermal energy. By definition, a solar panel is an instrument that harnesses the powers of the sun and converts it to usable energy by way of photovoltaic cells. The first solar panels that were actually in use were developed by Bell Laboratories in the year 1954. Now, a lot of homes, especially in the northern hemisphere and in Nordic countries, have set up their houses to run exclusively using solar energy. It is these countries that solar panels for sale are actually more affordable.

Benefits Of Solar Panels In The Household And Industrial Areas

A lot of people are not aware that solar panels for sale are now easier to get hold of and even set up. Many companies have finally taken notice and have even installed parts of their lighting systems to run on solar energy. If one looks at aerial images of some residential and commercial areas around the world, they will be able to see that there is a growing trend for big industries to use solar energy. Many government buildings around the world use solar panels to lessen their power bills. One of the good things about having solar panels is that once they are in place and set up according to one’s liking, they are basically low maintenance and cost nothing to run. This equals to power bills lowered substantially and even electrical repairs will be almost to a nil. And since the property is not connected to a main power line that is run by an electric company, homes are free from power blackouts and even safe from lightning strikes on the ground.

Average Costs Of Setting Up Solar Panels In The Household

What frightens a lot of people regarding solar panels is that they have an impression that these solar panels for sale are so expensive and out of reach to the common worker. The upfront costs may be steep to many but one must also put into consideration that once the system has been set up, there are no more fees to pay and basically the money saved from ongoing costs of what could be electric bills can be used for other purchases or just go to savings. A basic set up of solar panels that can run around 700 kilowatt hours may have starting costs of around $7,000 after federal taxes and incentives have been subtracted. This will consist of around 24 solar panels that will be able to run an entire household provided that it is of medium size and appliances run modestly.

Common Uses And Applications Of Solar Energy

Solar energy from the panels can actually run many appliances either in the household or in corporate settings. These solar cells will gather enough energy throughout the day from the sun, convert this, and store it in a power vault. Since a lot of households will not have all their appliances running at one time, many users are even seeing the lifespan of their appliances stretched and less battered because the closed-circuitry design of the solar panels will not be munching up loose energy that usually happens in conventional electric power from the power company. One will be amazed at the magnitude of uses of having a solar system in place whether at home or in the office. The development of portable solar devices have even made this kind of power very versatile because now, there is no need to buy huge generators during camping trips as a lot of lights and fans have built in solar cells that there is no need to go find an electric socket just to charge. The portability option of solar energy has caused a lot of commotion with camping fanatics and companies are now all trying to market small appliances that run entirely without a power cord.

Downside Of Using Solar Power

As with all things in life, there is always a negative side to a positive. Having a solar panel set up and having it your own source of power may be a bad thing. In some areas where it is always heavily clouded or with frequent thunderstorms, these solar panels will have a hard time trying to store enough energy to run to its full capacity. That is why some companies do not advise the use of solar energy as the primary means of electricity. Aside from this and the upfront costs, using solar power is probably the best thing that anyone can do to help save Mother Earth and to lower the pollution as well.

Solar Energy In The Field Of Industries

There is still a lot of work that solar panels need to get done in order for it to run exclusively in these power-grabbing industries. Manufacturing companies are still not set on changing their styles because it may affect their production output and lessen their profits. Plus, with huge industries that heavily use electricity, it would take hundreds of solar panels to get set up and be able to power the electricity requirements that these companies need.

Why Should Households Use Them

Residential households do not require big kilowatt hours on a daily basis so installing a solar panel system would be more beneficial for them. It would be best to contact a local company that specialize in solar panel installations and to get a quote before plunging down on the costs. A surveyor will first check the household and try to analyze how many kilowatt hours is needed to run the household efficiently. If going for the full system is not yet ideal, there are already a myriad of small appliances and lighting systems that are available in the market. These lighting systems can be installed separately and are free-standing. They already have the solar cells built in them and do not require any special handling or installation to use them. Watch out for special promos online that have these solar panels for sale and also light bulbs that run entirely on the powers of the sun.

The Future Of Solar Energy

There is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to these solar panels. While many users are already happy on switching from conventional power to solar power, they too have qualms about the lifespan of the solar panels and their rigidness and durability for long term use. There have already been reports that some brands need more maintenance than others so it would be best to really investigate and research before settling on one solar energy system. Be wary of some solar panels for sale that seem to be rather cheap because they may be made from substandard materials. Make sure to get everything checked with a licensed electrician before deciding on one solar panel system. The future of solar energy is on every developer’s mind because being at the forefront of technology while saving the Earth is a very big undertaking that they take seriously. As the stock of coal for mining greatly diminishes, people will need to find renewable and sustainable ways to power their homes and their work places. Solar energy is at the top of that kind of energy.

Solar Energy Facts That Everyone Should Know About

When it comes to solar energy facts, a lot of people wrinkle their noses because they find the topic very dull to even talk about. But, this attitude should be erased because the human race has to know about this sustainable resource that many forecasters are seeing is the only power we should be using if we want to stay in this planet for many years. With coal mining being halted in many nations because of environmental reasons, it is about time that you learn about the solar energy facts and what it can do to your life and future generations.

Definition Of Solar Energy

In layman’s terms, solar energy is just the energy that is collected from the sun. Almost 99% of the world gets some sunlight exposure on a daily basis. If you have a form of instrument or device that collects the sun’s rays like solar panels, it will be able to convert this into renewable energy. The powers of the sunlight seems so little when you look at it with your own eyes but the surface temperature along of the sun is around 5,778K so that should not be belittled. In fact, any single item will not be able to withstand the heat that is emitted from the sun. These solar energy facts are very important in learning more about its discovery and uses.

The Discovery Of Solar Energy

Very few people know that a nineteen year old young man was responsible for discovering solar energy. He was experimenting with his father’s equipment in his laboratory when he decided to toy with electrolytic cells. This led to the discovery of solar energy being plausible with photovoltaic cells. This was not further studied anymore and it was not until the height of the Industrial Revolution that some people started to wonder where everything was going and decided to find other ways to get renewable energy. Auguste Mouchout then made the first motor to run entirely on solar power. He received a grant from the French monarch and patented this design. From this point on, he also made a device that would connect the power received from the device to a steam engine. He surprised the world when he furthered his findings and attached this to a cooling device that even made ice at that time. But, alas, the French government found that coal was a cheaper option after striking a deal with England. The solar energy facts were really ignored at the time. It was not until 1956 when solar panels became more commercialized and it was offered to the market then at a whopping price of $300 for each watt of power generated.

The Development Of Solar Energy

In the early days of solar power, many people did not understand the logistics and dynamics of having a solar-powered system. No one really cared about the wonderful effects of having it because people did not care much for the health of our planet Earth. But, now, with carbon emissions being rallied by activists to stop production, finding a sustainable and renewable source of energy should be everyone’s priority.

Common Applications Of Solar Energy

Today, solar energy is used in many applications either in the household or in corporate settings. Many homeowners are now more aware of the big savings that having solar panels in the household entails. Because of this, hundreds of companies want to take advantage of the rush and all are making their small appliances ready for solar charging. Some corporate offices also use solar energy to light their buildings and small machines. Using solar power can greatly lower an establishment’s overhead cost and the savings can then be used for other uses to greatly higher their profits. By using solar powered lights, they will also lessen their carbon footprint. These solar energy facts hopefully get noticed by more households and offices.

The Negative Side Of Solar Power

Even if this source of power has been around for over a hundred years, there are still a lot of people who do not wish to learn about it because they feel that the devices used will not be able to power the appliances and machines that conventional electricity powers. Indeed, even if these solar panels are extensively used in a manufacturing plant or factory, it will not be able to generate enough energy for the big machines being used. If there will be a time when that will happen, the costs may not be inviting. Another negative side to using solar energy in the household is that all your appliances cannot be used at the same time. The solar panels will undoubtedly not be able to power electricity-gobbling appliances such as an electric dryer or an electric oven. These appliances require a steady source of power that solar panels do not have the power to maintain at the moment. Hopefully, in a few years’ time, that will eventually happen.

The Biggest Solar Power Plant In The World

The country of United Arab Emirates now leads in the field of solar energy when they recently opened the world’s largest solar power station that is able to power 100 MW at any given time. This station is called Shams and the country UAE hopes to end their need for oil to run power and just concentrate that area for exports while the country itself will run on sustainable solar energy. Shams is composed of three stations and the Shams 1 is supposed to be running this first quarter of 2013 and the other two to follow.  A lot of critiques are saying that this plant will not last more than 50 years because some of the components needed in converting the energy gathered from the sun to usable energy still need oil or coal to run the engines and turbines. Many solar energy facts that this company has gathered throughout its research before putting this station was put to good use. Hopefully other countries will follow suit because our earth is already on limited supply when it comes to coal.

The Future Of Solar Energy

The rising costs of power and even fuels has caused a lot of concern over regular folks who sometimes cannot afford the luxury of having appliances running 24 hours or fill up their gas tanks. The good news about solar energy is that many scientists have been given grants and funding research to further the development of solar power research. In fact, materials scientists in the Stanford Institute for Materials And Energy Sciences have discovered a cheaper alternative to some pertinent components in collecting the heat from the sun to usable electricity. This means that given a few years, even the regular Joe or Jane will be able to afford a whole solar panel system to power their entire household. Finally, the world will pay attention to all the solar energy facts being thrown at them and put it to good use.

How Can The Regular Person Put Solar Energy To Good Use

Corporations and commercial establishments should not be the only ones who will be able to benefit from a solar powered system. In a few years’ time, hopefully more families will be able to afford the costs on setting up their households to run exclusively on solar energy and not have to rely on a secondary means of powering up their appliances. For now, if you want to start getting in the bandwagon, there are already several small appliances and gadgets that you can buy from the market that rely solely from the powers of the sun. Research on these products and see if they are available in your local market. If not, there are online retail stores that specialize in these appliances. See if you can buy one or two items that run on solar power. Figure out ways to save more energy in your homes so that you will lessen your carbon footprint. There are many brochures that you can download too with many solar energy facts that you can share with your friends and family.

A Few Important Thoughts On Solar Power

Men and women should not be afraid to try out devices that are in the market that run on solar power. Remember that these appliances have already been tested several times and will work fine and even last you for a lifetime. Do not close your mind about the true value of these gadgets. Only, the sun, wind, water, and geothermal energies are true renewable sources of energy so we should really take care of Mother Earth if we want to live longer in this planet. Our children’s generation and the future generations thereafter should not have to worry about carbon emissions and smoke pollution to be able to live a normal life. Working together to find ways to improve the current situations in terms of finding sustainable means of energy should be our top priority. If you want to be an active part of a community geared at making the world a better place using solar power alone to fuel all the appliances, it should start with you. Set an example to your children and to those around you; tell the world that solar energy is here to stay.

Focusing On The Advantages Of Wind Energy

Wind provides oxygen to keep us alive. But other than this, are you aware that wind is also used to create energy and that there a lot of advantages of wind energy? Yes, that is right. Nowadays, many countries have been using wind energy to meet the electrical demands of their economy. Even more, it can also be a great substitute to the increasing demands of fossil fuels when it comes to energy requirements. Learn more about wind energy, its functions, benefits and all other stuffs by reading the entire article. For sure, you will be able to get lots of good information about it.

What is Wind Energy?

Society believes that there are lots of advantages of wind energy. This has already been proven by science recent years ago. However, what actually is wind energy? How does it really work? These questions and other benefits that we can get from wind energy will be tackled in a more precise manner later on. So be sure to have a keen eye and bring up your pen and notes as you might want to jot down important details about it.

Believe it or not, the advantages of wind energy have been observed a long time ago. In fact, this is the most basic type of energy available. Since the first time windmills were used in Europe, scientists have seen the potential of making this a good power source. From there, the advantages of wind energy were developed to something even more useful. As a matter of fact, this is also a great substitute instead of using fossil fuels. The technology that was being applied to wind energy can really produce an economically sufficient amount of energy in the households and for other consumers as well. Who knows, the electricity you might be using in your household may actually be created from these turbines?

How Does Wind Energy Work?

In the first 2 paragraphs we have outlined, we have talked about wind energy and its advantages as well as when it was first used to generate energy. But have you ever wondered how these things really work and how it can actually produce energy? Feed your mind with how energy is created from these winds. There are steps how electricity wind energy is formed, check it out below.

Step 1. Turbine blades continue to rotate as wind blows onto it.

Step 2. All the turbine blades rotate on a shaft inside the box, which is placed on top of the blades.

Step 3. The shaft is then connected to a gearbox. Through this, it helps to increase the rotation speed.

Step 4. From that point, the magnetic field in the generator then uses the increased speed from the gearbox. Then, it transforms the rotating energy into electricity.

Step 5. The produced energy was then transported to a transformer. At this point, the transported energy is converted to electricity via the use of generator. This converted energy can actually generate around 700 volts of electricity.

Step 6. The end process of this procedure is to transmit the energy produced all over the nation through the use of National Grid.

With this very clever idea, the advantages of wind energy were being put into good and effective use. In fact, many other countries have been setting up their own sets of wind turbines to sustain the countries demand for energy. The good thing about wind power is that, they are 100% natural, clean and earth friendly! It does not contribute to any environmental issues nor produce any hazardous by products compared to nuclear power and fossil fuels create. If only this technology can be developed furthermore, for sure, pollution can be greatly reduced and we can make the earth clean and balance.

The Moment When Wind Energy Was Discovered

Apart from talking the advantages of wind energy and what it can do, have you not been curious about when it was first used or who used it? Let’s go back in time when wind energy was about to be discovered. This is sure to be an added knowledge and it will excite your senses to know how powerful and beneficial wind energy is to the general public and even before the world was civilized.

It was dated back 17th century BC when the use of wind energy was first recorded. It was actually the Babylonian empire emperor Hammurabi who first suggested the use of wind as a source of energy. It was for the purpose of powering irrigation projects. Moreover, there are also accounts that boats and ship for sailing have already been using wind energy for around 5,500 years. With these things being said, it is safe to say that the Babylonian empire and sailors are the pioneers of using wind energy. They were the ones who discovered this process that benefits us up to this day.

How Was It Developed And Improved?

From the time of its discovery, bigger equipment and machines were used to generate wind energy. This was known as windmills. It was in the Sistan region now known as Iran when the first ever windmill was built on the 9th century AD. But during that time, these windmills are only used for very simply purposes and that was for water pumping as well as some other activities that were mostly agricultural.

Straight from Iran, it was introduced to China and India. From there, its use has spread out in all other parts of the world. However, it was the Europeans who have thought out of the box and redesigned windmills. The usage for these machines still remains the same or at least related to its first purposes but the process itself has been improved.

How Windmills Or Wind Energy Was Transformed Nowadays?

It was a long time ago since wind energy has been put into used. With the modifications applied and technology used to improve the usage of windmill, wind energy was able to be recognized as one of the best source of electricity. In fact, many industrial and electricity companies have been using the advantages of wind energy.

Conserve More Energy: Wind energy can conserve more energy since it has also the ability of having renewable energy. Meaning, it can produce as much energy as needed.

Fossil Fuel Consumption Are Greatly Reduced: Wind energy could be an alternative solution for gas and petroleum products at the later dates. It can also help to reduce global warming issues as it can minimize harmful gas emissions.

Water And Air Pollution Decreases: Since wind energy is a clean source of power, it does not contribute pollution. This is a source of energy that is 100% environmentally friendly. It does not release harmful toxic materials or whatsoever. An ideal location for wind turbines are on open plain, coastal areas and gaps in mountains. These are great place to build a wind turbine as winds from these places are very reliable, steady and strong.

Down Side of Wind Energy

Despite the goodness and effectiveness of using wind energy, it is still not immune to any disadvantages. Since wind turbines make use of wind for it to run and produce energy, it can be less effective when the wind is not that strong. What this basically means is that a backup power station of fossil fuel is needed to sustain the function of the turbines. And be aware since these plants that are required to maintain the processes of these turbines are very expensive.

On the other hand, when winds are so strong, there might be a possibility that these turbine blades could not hold on the wind or automatically stop to avoid further damage. Therefore, don’t be attached to the principle of the stronger the winds, the better. It is because at some point, this may also be the reason for the turbines to be broken.

Breaking News

Due to the huge advantages of wind energy, government agencies in Washington, D.C will start using one hundred percent renewable energy soon. It is said to provide all the electricity demands for the district’s government agencies. As of now, the project has a full year contract to test out how it would take effect. The district is looking for a positive result after the time in their contract. In fact, just last December, the district already used a massive 1 billion kilowatt hours of clean energy from this contract.


From the time that it was first discovered by Hammurabi for sustaining irrigation projects and by some sailors to run their ships, wind energy has now made it easier to produce clean source energy and make life easier for the people of today. With consistent innovation to these machines, it is now able to develop beneficial functions in the society. Not just that, it is also able to reduce pollution created by other power plants.

From only being used to run windmills to pump water and some agricultural activities, wind energy had now developed and is being used as a way of getting clean source of energy.