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Friday, April 5, 2013

Solar Panels For Sale-- Why They Are Now A Necessity

With the rising costs of electricity, many people are now looking into solar panels for sale and seeing what these can do to their homes. Since the beginning of time, man has relied on the powers of the sun and what solar energy is to be able to do many tasks. In fact, without the sun in our solar system, humans would not even exist because every living creature in the world needs the sun to thrive and grow. Just like water, the sun is a very important part of daily living. People need the powers of it to do many things. The sun alone can power the world, so it is vital that people learn more about it and try to see why so many solar panels for sale are now available in the market.

Solar Panel History

Everyone knows that the sun is the only source where we get solar energy. But, before people could actually use the energy that is emitted from the sun, it took years before solar panels were developed. It was the year 1839 when a young man named A.E. Becquerel, who was at a tender age of 19 experimented with solar power in his father’s laboratory. History suggests that this was the first time a photovoltaic cell was developed. Photovoltaic cells are instruments that gather the heat from the sun and convert this into electricity or simple power. But, it was the year 1883 that the first prototype photovoltaic cells were actually produced by Charles Fritts. Development of solar cells was still slow at the time because gold was used to coat the semiconductor. During those years, gold was really out of reach to people as it was really expensive. Solar panels for sale have really changed since then. It’s quite surprising that the technology we thought was new has actually been around for centuries.

Definition Of Solar Panels

The background of solar panels tends to be rather technical but it would be nice to know about it because many economists say that the energy from the sun is one of the best renewable resources aside from wind power and geothermal energy. By definition, a solar panel is an instrument that harnesses the powers of the sun and converts it to usable energy by way of photovoltaic cells. The first solar panels that were actually in use were developed by Bell Laboratories in the year 1954. Now, a lot of homes, especially in the northern hemisphere and in Nordic countries, have set up their houses to run exclusively using solar energy. It is these countries that solar panels for sale are actually more affordable.

Benefits Of Solar Panels In The Household And Industrial Areas

A lot of people are not aware that solar panels for sale are now easier to get hold of and even set up. Many companies have finally taken notice and have even installed parts of their lighting systems to run on solar energy. If one looks at aerial images of some residential and commercial areas around the world, they will be able to see that there is a growing trend for big industries to use solar energy. Many government buildings around the world use solar panels to lessen their power bills. One of the good things about having solar panels is that once they are in place and set up according to one’s liking, they are basically low maintenance and cost nothing to run. This equals to power bills lowered substantially and even electrical repairs will be almost to a nil. And since the property is not connected to a main power line that is run by an electric company, homes are free from power blackouts and even safe from lightning strikes on the ground.

Average Costs Of Setting Up Solar Panels In The Household

What frightens a lot of people regarding solar panels is that they have an impression that these solar panels for sale are so expensive and out of reach to the common worker. The upfront costs may be steep to many but one must also put into consideration that once the system has been set up, there are no more fees to pay and basically the money saved from ongoing costs of what could be electric bills can be used for other purchases or just go to savings. A basic set up of solar panels that can run around 700 kilowatt hours may have starting costs of around $7,000 after federal taxes and incentives have been subtracted. This will consist of around 24 solar panels that will be able to run an entire household provided that it is of medium size and appliances run modestly.

Common Uses And Applications Of Solar Energy

Solar energy from the panels can actually run many appliances either in the household or in corporate settings. These solar cells will gather enough energy throughout the day from the sun, convert this, and store it in a power vault. Since a lot of households will not have all their appliances running at one time, many users are even seeing the lifespan of their appliances stretched and less battered because the closed-circuitry design of the solar panels will not be munching up loose energy that usually happens in conventional electric power from the power company. One will be amazed at the magnitude of uses of having a solar system in place whether at home or in the office. The development of portable solar devices have even made this kind of power very versatile because now, there is no need to buy huge generators during camping trips as a lot of lights and fans have built in solar cells that there is no need to go find an electric socket just to charge. The portability option of solar energy has caused a lot of commotion with camping fanatics and companies are now all trying to market small appliances that run entirely without a power cord.

Downside Of Using Solar Power

As with all things in life, there is always a negative side to a positive. Having a solar panel set up and having it your own source of power may be a bad thing. In some areas where it is always heavily clouded or with frequent thunderstorms, these solar panels will have a hard time trying to store enough energy to run to its full capacity. That is why some companies do not advise the use of solar energy as the primary means of electricity. Aside from this and the upfront costs, using solar power is probably the best thing that anyone can do to help save Mother Earth and to lower the pollution as well.

Solar Energy In The Field Of Industries

There is still a lot of work that solar panels need to get done in order for it to run exclusively in these power-grabbing industries. Manufacturing companies are still not set on changing their styles because it may affect their production output and lessen their profits. Plus, with huge industries that heavily use electricity, it would take hundreds of solar panels to get set up and be able to power the electricity requirements that these companies need.

Why Should Households Use Them

Residential households do not require big kilowatt hours on a daily basis so installing a solar panel system would be more beneficial for them. It would be best to contact a local company that specialize in solar panel installations and to get a quote before plunging down on the costs. A surveyor will first check the household and try to analyze how many kilowatt hours is needed to run the household efficiently. If going for the full system is not yet ideal, there are already a myriad of small appliances and lighting systems that are available in the market. These lighting systems can be installed separately and are free-standing. They already have the solar cells built in them and do not require any special handling or installation to use them. Watch out for special promos online that have these solar panels for sale and also light bulbs that run entirely on the powers of the sun.

The Future Of Solar Energy

There is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to these solar panels. While many users are already happy on switching from conventional power to solar power, they too have qualms about the lifespan of the solar panels and their rigidness and durability for long term use. There have already been reports that some brands need more maintenance than others so it would be best to really investigate and research before settling on one solar energy system. Be wary of some solar panels for sale that seem to be rather cheap because they may be made from substandard materials. Make sure to get everything checked with a licensed electrician before deciding on one solar panel system. The future of solar energy is on every developer’s mind because being at the forefront of technology while saving the Earth is a very big undertaking that they take seriously. As the stock of coal for mining greatly diminishes, people will need to find renewable and sustainable ways to power their homes and their work places. Solar energy is at the top of that kind of energy.

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