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Friday, April 5, 2013

The Advantages Of Wind Energy And Why This Information Is Important

Learning about the advantages of wind energy can only do positive things for you. This sustainable form of energy is so good to the environment that more research should actually be done about wind power so that we can all learn a thing or two about it. There are many reasons why we should all start using some form of sustainable of renewable energy and the advantages of wind energy should be at the top of that list. When we are all knowledgeable about this form of energy, we will all try to find ways to be kinder to Mother Earth. 

Definition Of Wind Energy

Understanding wind energy is pretty simple and you do not need to be a rocket scientist to get a feel of the system behind the conversion from one type of energy to another. Basically, wind energy is collected from the wind turbines or the big windmills and then it is converted into electrical energy. Then this electrical energy is transferred through electrical transmission systems. It then ends up in homes where it will be consumed by power-eating appliances. See, these turbines are such simple machines so that is already one of the advantages of wind energy.

Wind Energy Is So Kind To The Environment

There is not one form of energy as kinder to the environment as wind energy is. There is no carbon footprint at all in converting this type of energy as the turbines are just rotating because of the wind that is moving it. Not only that, the turbines or windmills as they are fondly called, do not take up much space in getting them stationed at the location. In fact, only a few square meters are needed to get one windmill up and running. Ever heard of greenhouse emissions? Well, wind power does not have and does not contribute to greenhouse emissions at all. People are also aware that the use of wind power tends to cost less over time, too. Operating without leaving a carbon footprint is definitely one of the biggest advantages of wind energy that people should know about.

History Of Wind Energy

Believe it or not but wind power has been used for centuries already. Ships and sailboats had to use wind power back in the day in order to get where they needed to go. Explorers only relied on wind power to guide their ships wherever it may lead to out in the ocean. Some historians say that as early as 7th century, man have been harnessing the powers of wind energy to work simple mechanisms such as grinding corn, pumping water, and grist milling. Back then, being able to focus on these machines was already enough advantages of wind energy that people did not bother thinking about converting it to electric power. But later on, the Chinese used the same wind power to pump sea water into land that was then used for salt-making.

Uses For Wind Energy Today

Today, power gathered from the wind is used mainly for electricity. A lot of countries especially in Eastern Europe and in some parts of Australia get a percentage of their electricity needs by means of wind energy. Aside from this, some sailboats still rely on wind power to get them moving in the waters and to set sail to discover and get from one place to another. In fact, there are some parts of coastal waters where it is actually prohibited to use any motor boat engine and to just rely on wind power because it may disrupt the surroundings like the fauna and flora of that particular area.
Biggest Benefits Of Using Wind Energy

People know that the biggest benefit to using wind energy is that it does not contribute any harsh elements to the environment. Imagine if the world could entirely run on wind power alone, the air would be in such a healthier state and respiratory problems would lessen by three-fold. This form of energy is definitely renewable and sustainable. Not only will our health be in better shape, but Mother Earth will be in a much better shape.

Downside Of Using Wind Energy

Just like the two sides of a coin, wind energy also has some drawbacks that might make some people and companies turn down this viable option to use as their main mode of electric power. Everyone knows that unless you live in a place already declared as forever windy or that you have a satellite machine that can track the movement of wind, then there is no definite way to tell whether you will be getting wind during a certain part of the day or not. Then, there is also the factor of noise. These wind turbines are awfully loud and if you live near one of these humongous wind mills, it is akin to the low humming sound of a plane. So, even if people knew all the advantages of wind energy but found out that it might disrupt their sleep or suddenly cut off power, then they will not think of using wind energy anymore.

Cost Of Wind Energy Systems

Another factor that might make a lot of companies and people turn down wind energy is that they are extremely expensive to set up. Unlike in the olden days, setting up wind power systems nowadays takes a lot of hard work and logistics. In order for these turbines to gather enough wind power, the blades of the wind mills have to be really huge. The land space required for these turbines may be small but the air space it takes is really a lot. Special trucks and cranes have to be used in order for these blades to be attached properly. With costs and the intricate procedures that are needed to set up one wind mill, it becomes really tiresome; that is why companies would rather use cheaper forms of energy such as fossil fuel and even nuclear power. This is really sad because if these companies can really understand the main advantages of wind energy, the world would be such a better place.

Future Of Wind Power

Many economists discourage the use of wind power because of the upfront costs, they fail to see the future savings a company can make by using wind energy instead. With a lot of non-government organizations in the United States and in several other countries around the world, word is out regarding wind power as a viable source of energy that people should know about and try to get their hands on. Fossil fuel reserves are depleting at a tremendous rate and it will not be a long time that we will have used it all up.  That is why many environmentalists want everyone to know that wind power is possible and it can greatly do wonders in turning around the horrid state of the state to a better tomorrow.

Things You Can Do To Spread The Word

If you want to help the planet and the future generations, you have to do your part in making sure that your local government unit and even the president of the country is well aware of the advantages of wind energy what each citizen has to do to make sure that this type of energy is shed light and become one option to use for your city’s energy requirements. You can do this by writing to your mayor, making reports about the dangers of other forms of energy, and informing them all about wind power and the goodness it will do to your area. You will not be noticed at first but stick to your plans and become an advocate to spread the word about wind energy.

Why Wind Power Is So Important

Even with all the different types of energy being utilized already, going back to the old ways is sometimes a good thing. Wind power has been around since man figured out how helpful and pleasant this can be to nature. Before fossil fuels and charcoal were even discovered as a fuel for energy requirements, people were already content utilizing wind power for their needs. Maybe it is high time to get back to basics so that we will leave the Earth in a better place than before. Our children and their children still deserve a safe place to live and grow up in; our generation has no right to ruin the wonder and power that the wind is giving us.

 Everyone should take a stand and share information about wind energy and why each and every one of us in the world must know about this powerful energy that has been gifted to us by Mother Nature. Hopefully it is not too late to stop the damage and abuse we have been doing to the planet and that we can all change for the better. It just takes one person who has a voice, to tell the whole world about this form of energy and to start a movement that will forever change the way we live our lives.

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