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Friday, April 5, 2013

Product Review: Tootie And Dolly Organic Baby Wash Cloth White and Short Sleeve Onesie in Blue

I definitely did not make a mistake in buying these products from Tootie and Dolly. I was looking all over the internet for the best organic baby wash cloth and short sleeve onesie because I want to make sure that I stay away from any synthetic materials as babies tend to have sensitive skin. My little bub is currently just a wee 3months old so I have to make sure that no harsh ingredients get to him at all. I chanced upon this quaint website called Tootie and Dolly. I have been hearing some excellent feedback from them and decided to check out their products and how their service is.

First, I will talk about the organic baby washcloth that I got from this store. When the package arrived, I was nicely surprised at how neatly they have done their packaging. You can tell a lot from the store by how they send their items. I carefully unwrapped the items and carefully looked them over and I just wanted to wear them on my boy already! They smelled so clean and I guess being made from organic cotton, you can almost smell the fresh fields. The baby washcloth I got was in natural color. They also come in smokey black so for any mommas out there who enjoy that glam rock wardrobe, the black washcloth will be a nice addition. The price is only $7.00 which is really affordable for organic cloth already. Anyway, I have used this washcloth several times already and it still has not lost its form and feels wonderful using it during bath times and for those quick spills that babies make.

Another item I got from Tootie and Dolly was the short sleeve onesie in blue color for only $16.00. Any mommy out there knows that having several onesies for their baby is a must because they are so easy to put on and take off. This blue onesie I got certainly did not disappoint me at all. I am still in awe because the price is such a steal for premium organic cotton! I think my bub loves the feel of this on him as every time I wear it on him, he has the biggest smiles and I can tell he is really comfortable in it. The snap-on buttons at the bottom is made of durable materials and even after several spins in the wash, it still looks brand new.

I cannot give enough praises for buying from Tootie and Dolly. I will be their number one fan and I will make sure to check out all their items from time to time because all their products are so cute and quirky; all their baby items are so unique and I can’t get enough of them for my loves. I love that they also offer gift certificates and gift baskets. Mommies, if you have a friend who is due to give birth, I highly recommend Tootie and Dolly ( for all baby items that are organic, affordable, and definitely made with love.

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