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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Recumbent Exercise Bike Guide

Exercise routines and other workout equipment are currently a growing trend, not just in the United States but in a significant number of countries in the world. Exercising using a bicycle is known to be one of the most successful exercises as it has the capacity to burn a large amount of calories. Biking exercises are also known to be a cardiovascular exercise, meaning that it burns fat and increases the heart rate.

The Recumbent Exercise Bike

A recumbent bicycle is one wherein the rider is in a laid back reclining position. This posture of the rider is the unique aspect of the recumbent bike as it allows people to have an equal distribution of weight, thus having less pressure on the lower back and legs while riding the bike.

Advantages Of The Recumbent Exercise Bike

* Easy to use and for all fitness levels. The bike is known to be relatively easy to use and users can easily adjust the settings of the bicycle to adjust the degree of hardness or the resistance in pedaling.

* Offers a sustainable workout. Many exercise equipment are often used by one person at a time during the workout process and one has to transfer to different equipment for a different exercise. For this type of bicycle, the person can settle for the bike alone and do variations, rather than use another machine. There are different types of programs offered for these bikes and users can choose to have an easy or difficult training program.

* It is safer than most bikes. The position of the body is generally safer because the user can merely sit back and lower himself to the ground. This type of bike requires a good posture, therefore also developing a proper stance for its users.

* It is a cardio workout. It also offers you a good cardio workout without pressure on your knees or joints, and users also cannot cheat in this bike or stand up when they find it difficult to pedal. Hence, it allows the body to have a proper exercise while maintaining proper posture without stressing certain body parts such as the joints and knees.

Warming Up Exercises For Recumbent Bicycles

1. Upper leg stretches. This type of warm up targets your quadriceps and hamstrings as well as the tendons. To do this, the person should stand up straight and put his arms at his sides with the knees slightly bent. Bend the left knee and extend the right leg to the front of the body while bending the right knee. The person may place his hands at his right thigh to support it and he must hold this position for ten seconds before returning to the original position.

2. Lower leg stretches. This type of exercise allows the person to have stronger ankle and foot muscles. One type of lower leg stretch is an ankle pump, which is performed while lying down with the knees slightly bent and the arms maintained at the sides. The person must point his toes away from his body and extend it as far as possible before pointing it back towards his body.

3. Lower back stretches. This warm up strengthens the core muscles of the body. This can be performed with a basic plank, which is done by lying down on the ground with the stomach flat and the arms at the sides. The person should prop himself up on his forearms and hold his body parallel to the ground while balancing on his toes. This position will be held for at least twenty seconds.

Why Men And Women Should Use The Recumbent Exercise Bike

This bicycle is a good opportunity for men and women to exercise and develop core muscles and the entire body, without neglecting a single part. As what usually happens in a home gym or in other workout places, some parts of the body, most often the lower part, is neglected during training sessions, thus showing an unbalanced outcome of a huge upper body and a tiny lower body.

The beauty of recumbent bikes is that it allows both men and women to have a full body workout, while maintaining a good posture and keeping the body safe, particularly the joints. Exercising in this type of equipment will significantly improve the person’s cardiovascular health and overall fitness. However, it is also important to note that while it has significant health benefits, the person must first consult with a doctor to ensure that the body is strong enough to do physical exercise.

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