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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cosmetic Surgery and Enhancements-- What You Need to Know

Cosmetic Surgery and Enhancements have become a growing trend nowadays. More and more people are going under the knife just to look aesthetically pleasing.
Most people who undergo cosmetic surgery and enhancements have confidence issues. They don’t feel good about themselves and want to improve their looks and physical appearance. It could be a life-long desire and they believe that getting a surgery could actually help them love themselves and boost their self-esteem.

The Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery and Enhancements

Before you decide to get a surgery or enhancement, you have first to weigh the pros and cons. It is very important that you are one hundred percent sure because the procedures cannot be altered easily. It’s not like buying clothes and changing them if they don’t fit you.

Confidence Level

Since cosmetic surgery aims to improve the undesirable parts of your body, your confidence level will go up once you get that thing done. However, there can be a backlash if you get obsessed with the enhancements. Obsession is not healthy so be sure to control it.

A successful surgery can help you become more comfortable and confident. Your enhanced beauty can actually have a positive effect.


Cosmetic surgery and enhancements can also have good effects on your health. For instance, women with very big breasts can sometimes suffer from constant back pain. If they choose to reduce the size, the back pain can be alleviated or eliminated. A nose job can also be of help to sinus problems.


You have to be aware that there are drawbacks when you undergo a surgery. Long lasting pain and complications are just some of the possible outcomes of surgery. Some patients may also develop health problems after the operation.

Cost of Surgery

You will be spending a lot of money. Cosmetic surgery and enhancements don’t come cheap. In fact, they can be very costly and they are not covered by your medical insurance except in cases where the surgery is associated with a medical condition.

Signs of Surgery and Enhancements

There are several signs that can help you figure out whether a person has had plastic surgery and most of them are obvious.

Keep an eye on scars. They can indicate whether or not a person has undergone surgery. For instance, those scars that can be found behind or in front of the ears can mean a facelift was done. Those on the armpit area or just beneath the breast are signs of breast implants. Small dots on the hips or bellybutton can be the aftermath of a liposuction.

Pouty Lips are hot but too much injectable fillers can cause you to look like a trout. If you notice an obvious change in someone’s lips, she probably had too much filler.

Breast implants are probably the easiest to spot. Did she disappear for a while and get back with dramatically bigger boobs? If you say yes, then the answer is obvious.

Looking for signs that can indicate whether a person has had surgery is not really difficult; you just need to be keen and observant.

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