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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What to Look For When Buying Gourmet Hampers

A gourmet hamper is not just about giving out a basket full of stuff. Your hamper needs to look good and appealing and it also has to have useful things inside for the recipient of the gift to appreciate it more. You can purchase gourmet hampers from online stores or even physical stores. They are always abundant with gift baskets, especially when the Christmas season is near.

Hamper and Balance

The hamper itself would be the first thing that the recipient would see. It has to be well-made and sturdy so that it can hold all the items to be included in the gift basket. It also has to be pleasant to the eyes.

When you place products inside a hamper, the products would usually lean towards the front of the hamper. This means that the hamper would have a tendency to fall forward because of all the weight. When you choose a basket, there has to be something at the base to balance out the weight.

Color Combinations

When you choose to buy gourmet hampers instead of making them yourself, you will notice that the available choices would have color schemes. Since gourmet hampers are usually given as gifts during the Christmas season, the color schemes that they follow would usually be in line with the Christmas theme.

Buying a basket with a color theme has a lot of purposes. First, the gift basket would look better. It would also look more organized. A color theme would also make your gift basket look more expensive and impressive. Lastly, and most importantly, a color theme strengthens the theme of the occasion. If it’s Christmas and you see a red and green gift basket, you immediately feel “Christmas-y”.

Bottles and Jars

These may be bottles of wine, jars of jam, etc. When purchasing a gourmet basket, you should see to it that these bottles and jars do not touch each other too much, or if they do, they should not rattle. Rattling breakables would only mean a tendency of breaking, and you would want to avoid that. These things should be arranged in such a way that they are securely in place. If you are going to buy these gourmet hampers, ask the providers about how they arranged the bottles and jars in the basket. If they employed a security measure, such as using bubble wrap where two glass items would touch, then you’re good to go.


The gourmet hampers’ wrappers would contribute greatly to how the gift would look. It would be wise for you to choose the ones that are wrapped in crisp cellophane instead of matt heat shrink wrappings. This is because crisp cellophane is shiny. This adds a great deal of beauty to your gourmet hamper’s overall appearance. Also, crisp cellophane is heavier than matt wrappers so it would be able to hold onto its initial shape longer.

Gourmet Hamper Choices

There are so many kinds of gourmet hampers for you to choose from. You can check the products inside to see if they fit the preferences of your recipient. There would definitely be a gift basket suitable for each and every one, so you won't have to worry about anything.

Chocolate- Do you know of anyone who doesn’t love chocolate? Not only is it a reliable comfort food, but it is also a traditional part of Christmas. Giving out chocolate gourmet baskets would be a great idea. Choose a basket that contains the favorites of your recipient so that they would appreciate your gift even more.

Coffee- There are so many types of coffee blends these days. If you are to give a gift basket to a friend who’s a coffee lover, they would be very happy to receive one that contains different blends and niches of coffee beans.

Wine- For wine enthusiasts out there, receiving a gourmet hamper with bottles of the best wines would be a treat. These bottles would not only be treasured by your recipient but they would also be a source of bonding as you drink the wine together.

Aside from these, there are still other choices out there. Searching online or in stores for gourmet hampers would not only be a fun experience, but a rewarding one too when you get to see the happy smiles on your recipients’ faces.

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